E-M1X, 300F4 Pro, and Nuthatch in Flight

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Re: You have the option to ignore the novice

WileEC_ID wrote:

Mr Giggles wrote:

its interesting to me how an thread can be immediately be turned to crap by one naysayer who has to hear himself talk

almost invariably its by people who have no images in their gallery and have never entered a contest

If one comment turns a thread to crap - that doesn't say much for the photography.

You know nothing about me, my experience, etc. Nothing. These kind of images are of interest to the OP - fair enough - but you'll notice that others have had the same questions as I did - some by posting, some by thumbs up on my query.

The intent of my query was as much for myself as for the OP - to invite us all to be better photographers - better technically and artistically - though even as I type that I realize that some may not share that interest and what "better" means will be different things to different people.

Hey, as long as we're having fun. How about that GH6?🙂

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