MacMini and which display?

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Re: MacMini and which display?

strawbale wrote:

ATpix wrote:

I was aiming at 4k. I'm cutting more video than editing photos but still do commercial photo work as well. It would be helpful to be able to see my 4K footage in full res.

I understand the difference between sRGB and Adobe RGB. How much difference is it going to make to me if a monitor is rated at 100% sRGB or 100% RGB. Am I going to see a difference between these 2 options if I had both monitors parked next to each other.

Did you use to (re)calibrate your iMac screen? Did you work in aRGB, sRGB, and/or P3?

Do you shoot 4k (3840 wide) or 4k cinema (4096 wide)? (most 4k monitors are 'only' 3840 wide)

Good questions. I've been using a Datacolor Spyder X to calibrate my monitors. There was always an AdobeRGB profile setting in the Mac OS monitor color settings but I was always using the custom profiles I created with the Spyder X.

I shoot UHD, so 3840 wide.

I don't know how it compares quality or reliability wise to the other monitors bu the Asus ProArt PA279CV looks to tick all the boxes except  the specs say 100% sRGB, not 100% RGB.

Is that even critical?

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