Godox 2400w pack and dual head for studio

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Re: Godox 2400w pack and dual head for studio

mactrash wrote:

Will be final soon ... sorry for no photo yet.

This makes sense as it appears that affordable options for higher powered AC electronic flash systems are becoming either more scarce or pricing themselves out of the reach of all but rental studios and agencies.

What Godox needs to figure out next isn’t the engineering side of things but service and rental agencies in the USA (where I live and work) and possibly Japan, the UK, Australia, and the EU. Godox’s partnership with Adorama’s Flashpoint division is a start but it is NYC based.

And yes there are still enough established and up and coming professional photographers who have a need for 2400 watt-second systems that Godox introducing a new system in that category, and at a reasonable retail price, makes sense.

As for pricing, HOPEFULLY the Godox 2400 w-s pack or maybe a pack and single head kit will retail in the $1-1.50 per watt-second USD range.

How I came up with my pricing suggestions:

Currently (early May, 2021) a modern Profoto PRO-10 TTL 2400WS pack  has a retail price of nearly $16,000 (https://www.adorama.com/pp901010.html) and a Profoto ProHead Plus Flash Head with Zoom Reflector retails for almost $2700.

on the other end of the retail price scale,  new but 20+ year old design Speedotron Blackline 2400 watt-second packs retail from $2100-2400 depending on which model you are looking at, and about $500 per head.

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