The root problem for calibration on M1

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Re: The root problem for calibration on M1

mattspace wrote:

dmiller62 wrote

Essentially, this comes down to the concept of what the "raw, uncalibrated" display behaves like. That concept is based on the exact behavior of the display based on all of the obvious, and also non-obvious, front panel settings of the display (and even less obvious things at an even lower level, that may exist in these settings, such as the color format being used over the digital linkage and the actual hardware connection).

Hi David, great to see your input on the topic.

I'm happy to be proven wrong, but up until Big Sur / M1, if macOS decided your display was a YUV display, even if it was capable of RGB, it was often more or less impossible to get it to output colour in RGB-format - there's no manual setting in macOS to force output in RGB.

Also, as far as I can tell, some monitors don't let you override the YUV reduced range, unless the source supports it - eg plug the monitor into an XBox and you can select 16-255 or 0-255, plug it into a Mac and the option is greyed out.

So, the burning question is whether you're running your calibrator on a display that's inherently showing less than its full colour range (eg 16-255, rather than 0-255).

This is one of the reasons people came up with EDID override scripts to redefine individual monitors as being RGB-only. Now, these scripts need to be rewritten, because the M1's GPU doesn't use the same variable naming scheme as those in intel Macs. There's also a question I've seen asked of whether you can even apply an EDID override given the locked nature of Big Sur's system volume.

That is obviously a different question to whether display manufacturers have written the Big Sur compatible hardware drivers to let calibrator software write to the LUT hardware in the displays.

I will be very interested to see if someone can make a turnkey guide to getting full in display hardware calibrated 10bit output on an M1 system.

And now it seems like EIZO solved that on the coloredge series (both CS and CG). On the EV series it doesnt seem to be possible. And I think many of the other brands share the same problem as EIZO EV series.

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