A Question about the Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6 Tripod Collar/Foot

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Re: A Question about the Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6 Tripod Collar/Foot

Ellis Vener wrote:

Can anyone demonstrate a marked gain (10% or greater) in sharpness by using a third party ( Kirkphoto, RRS, Haoge, etc.) over the original Nikon collar /foot for this lens?
I do understand that replacement/feet made by these companies have a built in ARCA-Swiss quick-release plate, and while that would save some weight and bulk over my adding an A-S QR plate, it's also not worth the $200+ USD difference to me.

The original collar is horrible. I do not collect unsharp pictures, so I don't have any pictures to post. And I do not meter sharpness is %, so I have no idea how much 10% gain in sharpness is. A second screw doesn't help stabilize the lens.

The RRS-collar is way better than the original, but far from perfect. I am using a cork between the front of the foot and the lens (just between the zoom ring and the focus ring) then it is pretty good, but that will only work when having the foot underneath the lens, so the gravity push the lens against the cork.

The difference between the original collar and RRS-collar with the cork, is the difference between unusable unsharp pictures and sharp pictures. And even if it costs money, it was worth it for me, because the original collar made the lens unusable for me.

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