How properly prepare raw-files for big format printing?

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Re: Depends on your preference!

Quarkcharmed wrote:

BrownieVet wrote:

If you want the print to be as-is out of the camera, just send the NEF file and specify he print size you want.

I'd be hugely surprised if any printer accepts raw files. If they do, it'll probably be at an additional fee. I'd strongly suggest to not send the original raw files.

Perhaps not where you live . . .  NEF and other raw files are accepted  as-is.

If you want to perform whatever enhancement you wish, save the result of your editing as a JPEG and use the largest pixel dimension you wish. Send the JPEG file to the printer and specify the print size you want.

It doesn't have to be a jpeg, can be tiff. Whatever is required or recommended by the printer.

I assume you are aware that JPEG takes less space.  Be as it may,  let the OP decide.

If you want to continue editing where you left-off, save to your editor NATIVE FILE FORMAT.

Don't worry, your original NEF file will not be harm.

It won't harm in Lightroom, moreover you don't actually 'save' your edits in Lightroom, everything is saved automatically.

So what is your beef?

You may continue further editing by loading the NATIVE FILE.

This isn't really applicable to Lightroom.

So what?  Are you sure the OP is using LR?

If you want to keep the first edit version, simply use the VERSION feature of your editor.

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