E-M1X, 300F4 Pro, and Nuthatch in Flight

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Re: You have the option to ignore the novice

nzmacro wrote:

Lawrence M wrote:

Im not strong arming or manipulating anyone to like my post, but I get likes. Only the viewer knows what they like or dislike. Since I have been deemed irrelevant or novice my posts should be easy to ignore since I have nothing that's deemed useful.

I commonly see basketball hoops in peoples' driveway. Do they have to be professional to play basketball?

Do I have to be a professional to post images?

If you find yourself returning to my posts, there's a reason. I don't look at posts that don't interest or pertain to me.

Not sure what you mean here Lawrence, not may professionals in here anyway.

My only suggestion would be to use mechanical shutter more often. Sometimes the wings go crazy with silent shutter and it's something that is notable. If you are using pro capture, then that's different of course.

All the best and just post up what you like, no need to be a professional.


What I meant is why someone viewing my posts when they've already deemed them inadequate or irrelevant. I didn't know this forum had the Sharpness Police.

The GH5 has a poor AF system, start a thread about that.

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