E-M1X, 300F4 Pro, and Nuthatch in Flight

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Re: E-M1X, 300F4 Pro, and Nuthatch in Flight

WileEC_ID wrote:

I don't get the point of all these threads where nothing is in focus.

I noted someone queried that in the last one and he got a flurry of posts and excuses for what amount to pretty poor quality images.

Others post threads of swallows and other small birds in flight, that in my experience, are far faster and less predictable in their flight - yet those are in focus and pretty amazing.

No need to reply with more excuses - just sad to see these and it reflects poorly on what MFT is capable of.

I intend no disrespect - but I don't post images of experiments I'm trying that are clean and sharp. Those misses tell me I have more work to do - to get the technique ironed out.

I dont feel disrespected by your post. I just feel there is a threshold of  sharpness acceptability, similar to a grading scale in school.

My posts are about capturing/ documenting flight characteristics that are rarely to never seen of certain birds. I have yet to have a non photographer mention sharpness. I have had requests to purchase my work and I'm in line to be published in a magazine. All of us have a choice to comment, not comment, like, dislike, or ignore a post.  If you feel my posts will not present anything useful you can ignore them. I'm sure you don't look at every single post and comment.

..... I assure you m43 isn't solely relying on me to make them look good nor am I solely responsible for why Olympus sold the camera business. I like what I do and that matters foremost - I guess it's like going fishing and catching a small fish and throwing it back.

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