Canon FD - Crop vs Teleconverter examples

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Re: Canon FD - Crop vs Teleconverter examples

John Crowe wrote:

Not sure how this thread got dredged up but to set the record straight the Canon FD 1.4x-A, FD 2x-B and FD 2x-A are all very good. They are comparable to the following that I have also used, Canon EF 1.4x, Canon EF 2x.

The same way it did now.

Respectfully I disagree. Though the result will depend on your version of EF converter.

RF 1.4x is completely on different level from FD 1.4x. The FD is decent at the center, but going towards edges that really changes ... but not as badly as with FD 2x-B. Admittedly the latter is not meant for FDn 500mm f/4.5 L. I was not able to compare EF 1.4x II with the FDn, but another comparison showed it to be equal to RF 1.4x at the center, and visibly worse at and near the extreme  FF corners. That was with low res body, so R5 might show more difference. EF 1.4x III is likely closer to RF.

It should be possible to adapt the FDn to work with RF 1.4x, but it will be very tight fit and requires removal of the aperture lever pretty much up to the back plate. The other pins may or may not require some dremeling at the inner edge. I used short extension, so there was no infinity focus.

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