FE 35mm f1.4GM - Would You Keep This Lens?

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FE 35mm f1.4GM - Would You Keep This Lens?

Bought this FE 35mm f1.4 GM from a local camera shop that allows exchanges, but one time only, and today is the last day of the exchange window. I didn't notice any softness in limited shooing in real world situations yet, but doing the compulsory brick wall test shots around the house, it's apparent (at 200%) that the left side is soft wide open to f2.8. After f4 it is pretty even edge to edge, even at 200%. I think the only situation that this would bother me is shooting hand-held street or scenes wide open at night, which is a pretty rare use case for me.

Anyway, looking for feedback before I decide to keep it or not. There is a risk if I exchange it that the replacement could have issues also, and that one I would have to keep.

Here are the wide open (f1.4) and stopped down (f5.6) test images comparing the left and right side of the same image.

Brick wall test scene

Wide open (f/1.4), left versus right edge

Stopped down (f/5.6) left versus right edge

Note that clicking on original image will show the details.

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