XPro3 Changed The Way I Use My X100F

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Re: XPro3 Changed The Way I Use My X100F

JoshuaRothman wrote:

This is absolutely true for me as well. After I got used to the X-Pro3, I found that I no longer enjoyed using my X100V. Eventually, I trained myself to use one of the V's function buttons to turn its LCD on and off quickly. (It wasn't rocket science, but for some reason it took a while to get in the habit of pressing once to turn it on, and pressing three times to cycle back to my preferred view mode.) Now I use the X100V almost entirely through the viewfinder, with the screen switched off, and enjoy it a lot more.

I'm surprised by how much the X-Pro3 has changed what I want out of a digital camera. It's partly the shooting experience, and partly that I spend so much of the day staring at screens. The X-Pro3 is a respite from that. I also think that the flip-down design is very practical: I wear the camera on a strap, and it makes waist-level shooting instantaneous. I also like toughness of the camera. No external screen to scratch, and a robust hinge mechanism.

It's interesting how technology works. Features and designs get added through time; once they're there, it's hard to take them away. The first time I used a digital camera with an external LCD, I thought it was so cool. But that was before smartphones took over the world. Now, I look to photography as a hobby that brings me closer to the real world, and away from my screens. I really admire how the Fuji designers took a risk, even though they must have known that many people wouldn't like it. If the X-Pro4 does away with the current screen, I'll take advantage of the drop in price to pick up a second X-Pro3.

I agree completely.

The lack of a visible LCD, but having one that folds out when you want it for waist level shooting is classic.  I prefer the design to the X-Pro2, and I really liked that one.

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