Sorry, another macro question (for G85)

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Sorry, another macro question (for G85)

I've read a bunch of different threads on macro options but I'm having trouble sorting through the different options and how they might fit with my current gear. Macro is something I shoot only occasionally but have been thinking I might shoot more if I could get a little bit better magnification than I currently am.

I've been mainly using an old Vivitar 100mm f/3.5 attached with a cheap Fotasy MD-m4/3 adapter. I believe I'm getting a 1:2 magnification, but not sure if the adapter impacts that. Here's are some samples of the kind of things I'm drawn to take - all handheld, nothing great:

As far as I can tell, my main options for getting more magnification would be:

  • Extension tubes
  • Snap-on lens like a Raynox: could use with my 12-60, 45-150, or Oly 45
  • New lens: would lean toward Panasonic 30mm for stabilization and versatility but understand that this would mean a closer working distance than the Leica 45 (which is similar price used to a new Panasonic) or the Oly 60.

FWIW, I'm comfortable in Lightroom and shoot in raw but am too lazy to learn additional stacking software and don't usually have a tripod with me. I also wouldn't probably want to deal with additional lighting, though I could potentially be creative with something small like a headlamp or pocketable reflector. Not sure if the G85's focus stacking or post-focus features are useful if I'm not on a tripod.

Thanks for any advice!

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