Dark Water 1000nm with converted Sigma fp.

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Re: Dark Water 1000nm with converted Sigma fp.

SigmaTog wrote:

D Cox wrote:

Maybe you could photograph CO2.

A container full of dry air, and the same after you drop a lighted match or a small candle in before closing the lid.

Don Cox

I tried this out Don, but I didn't get anything exciting.
Perhaps it is a very narrow band, or I need some more details ?


"Carbon dioxide and water vapor are responsible for energy absorption in the troposphere in this model. Absorption bands of carbon dioxide are centered at 15, 4.3, 2.7, and 2 μm (see Fig. 1). The centers of absorption bands of water vapor can be considered at 71, 6.3, 2.7, 1.87 and 1.38 μm [23,24]. Major amounts of oxygen gas and nitrogen gas are transparent to infrared radiation."



Your 1 micron filter might go as far as 1.38 ?

Probably needs narrow band filters. Do we know the range of IR sensitivity of your sensor ?


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