XPro3 Changed The Way I Use My X100F

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Re: XPro3 Changed The Way I Use My X100F

I absolutely hated the idea of the X-Pro3’s screen when it launched, and then even after I got over that and bought one I had another wobble after a month or so and sold it.  However, I’m now I’m months into owning my second one and loving every minute. I think it’s genius and everything I want from a digital camera design - and that extends to the “film tab” and the button simplification too.

I don’t know how successful it’s been on the market and I have a horrible feeling Fuji might lose their nerve and go back to something more conventional on the next model, but if that does happen it’ll just cement the XP3’s status as a modern classic and will mean I’ll keep it for longer. I liked the X-Pro2 a lot but the 3 feels more like the spiritual successor to the original X-Pro1 in many ways.

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