Trading 50/1.4 ZA for a 50/1.2GM - worthwhile upgrade?

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Trading 50/1.4 ZA for a 50/1.2GM - worthwhile upgrade?

After much deliberation I ordered an A1 last week, along with grip, batteries and fast cards (big "ouch" on those). No idea how long I'll be waiting, but waiting I am,

During these deliberations, I took stock of everything I already own, and found a lens languishing. I haven't touched my 24-70GM since I gave up paid work (weddings and events). It was ideal paired with 70-200 for that but I really dislike sucky-blowy lenses and always choose fast primes in that FL range for my own projects. The 24-70GM is a redundant lens now. Good! I'm perversely pleased about that

As it happens, my dealer offered a very good trade in price for the 24-70GM (because of the big A1 order - but not any part of it). That got me thinking, if I traded my 50/1.4ZA too (for a similarly generous trade-in offer) then I'd be able to effectively swap those two lenses for a 50GM.

That's appealing and convenient, Although I'm perfectly content with the 50ZA for my uses, I have been wildly impressed by the 35GM and 135GM since getting them. For that reason and no other, I'm tempted to do this trade (while the offer is good) to bring my 50mm option up to GM standard with the same (or similar) "look" as my 35 and 135 GMs deliver.

I admit this is a frivolous want (not a need) and 100% GAS really, But I'm minded to make the trade and almost certainly will (mmm, f/1.2, yummy). In the meantime, I'm interested to hear from other togs who made this exact swap - 50ZA to 50GM, Was it a noticeable upgrade in physical use, and can you *see* significant difference, or was it "no change" visually?

Off to see if I missed any other 50GM reviews now. Loading up on confirmation bias


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