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Re: For some things, yes

Lee Baby Simms wrote:

Some have said the legacy 85 1.8 USM is the fastest focusing Canon lens ever made, and that's its strongest attribute.

Optically, there's really no comparison. The newer model is from another world in regards to sharpness and close-focus ability, all without a hint of purple fringe (CA) in high contrast shooting. It's only deficit is it's focus system. Fine in good light, hunts a bit after dark, and is downright frustrating using MF in macro mode.

If you like the older lens and don't notice the purple fringe or softer corners, stick with it!

tdbmd wrote:

Lee Baby Simms wrote:

If you don't need the close-focus, then by all means head towards the Samyang. I've read great reviews.

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I recently purchased a R6. I have been doing some shooting with a borrowed EF 85mm f1.8 USM and have really liked the results for portrait type shots. Do you find the RF 85 f2.0 to be superior? I have used the 85mm f1.8 for indoor sports, but maybe the AF on the RF 85 is not up to that task?

The AF on the RF 85 F2 is fine for indoor sports. I shot two test sequences of a car and a cyclist approaching me. Every shot was sharp. If it's fast enough for a 30mph car, it's fast enough for indoor sports, so long as the lighting is reasonable. But if the lighting is so low that the focus would struggle, you wouldn't be able to get good results anyway, because the ISO would be too high and the shutter speed would be too low. I have shot basketball in college arenas, where I was getting 1/1000 at F2.8 at ISO 3200. Even three or four stops below that, say in dimly-lit high-school gyms, would be plenty bright enough for the 85.

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