PL 100-400, GH5, and Robin in Flight

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Re: PL 100-400, GH5, and Robin in Flight

alcelc wrote:

Very interesting shot. Thank you for sharing.

However looking like slightly OOF? Would G9 do better?

These type of shots are captured manual focus only. Backyard birds are usually small, fast and upredictable. I use 4 cameras and surround the feeder just to capture such an image. To capture such an image handheld, you'd have to be standing less than 30 feet away to fill the frame. Then you'd have to react and pan fast enough to establish AF in open space (no branches, foliage, or feeder to assist). The likelihood the bird will fly directly toward you is highly unlikely.

If it can be done then 30 and 60fps is not needed. These birds usually are flyin approximately 15 to 20 feet per second. So you'd only get one shot anyway by the time you established AF.

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