How long will the 5DsR system effectively last?

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Re: How long will the 5DsR system effectively last?

ADW02 wrote:

For those of us who have bought the 5DsR on a tryout basis, or are considering buying, one of the most important questions we can ask is just how long this discontinued camera body will be able to be repaired. When, possibly, might Canon no longer have the parts to repair it, leaving it to be little more than a door stop? And what about the EF lenses that fit it? Will they fade out of existence sooner than we might think?

Shutter: 20 years, other electronic parts 7 years, other mechanical parts 12 years.

This also depends on whether you use the camera to take images or to shoot machine gun style and hope of a descent shot.

I posed these questions to two authorities: 1) Canon 5DsR Expert Repair; and 2) Canon tech support itself. Here is what they told me:

Regarding parts availability: ER said it couldn't imagine why there would be a problem for at least ten years. Canon thought that was too early, the range most likely falling into the 15 to 20 year time frame. In fact, Canon expects parts to be available to 2099, although the tech agent thought that might be a typo.

And EF lenses? The Canon tech agent couldn't figure out why everyone thinks Canon is discontinuing production of EF lenses. After all, one of Canon's best FF DSLRs was released just last year. There are far, far too many Canon DSLRs in use for the company to consider stopping production on EF lenses. Some of these lenses will be dropped, and then replaced by improved versions. And yes, they are slower than their R counterparts, but the EF market is just too big to ignore for quite some years into the future.

That and there is a big 3rd party component that at this moment in time are making BETTER lenses than Canon ! (only) for example: Sigma 40mm F/1.4 is equivalent to Zeiss in the optics department {aside from that fact Canon does not make such a lens).

For the near term 15-odd years the EF lens marker will still be a driving force.

On one point there was unanimous consensus: While a 100mp sensor will produce larger and more detailed prints than the 5DsR, in and of itself the 5DsR will output truly superb files, and the image difference between these cameras up to 28" will not be all that noticeable.

With that, I've decided to keep my 5DsR, which I just recently purchased from B&H Photo. That investment is a tax-paid cost of $1,600. A Canon R system would be at least $4,500 for the body alone, and to be reasonably invested in MF would run up to $9,000.

Suddenly, the Canon 5DsR for landscape and cityscape photography looks pretty darned good.

Landscape and cityscape rarely use the camera as a machine gun--adding to lifetime.

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