SD Card Video Test using EM10 Mark II

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Re: SD Card Video Test using EM10 Mark II

Charley123 wrote:

Everything I said in original post above is in reference to Full HD 1920 x 1080p 60 fps video. I don't know much about 4K video and make no claims nor comments about 4K video, except to say that it's not necessary for me, and IMO I don't think most people need to shoot 4K.

That's just my opinion, and is in large part because any video I shoot will be viewed online. 4K is to large for online publishing, IMO.

Although I intend to (probably) record at 60 fps, I intend to reduce it to 30 fps in post processing before publishing online at 30 fps.

That's my plan at this time. I may decide to record at 30 fps. Not sure yet.

According to my test, any humble 16 GB U1 SD card works well for recording Full HD 1920 x 1080p 60 fps even at Super Fine (IPB). So it'd be more than good enough for recording at 30 fps.

My U1 SD card in the test was a Sandisk Ultra U1 (a good brand of U1 card). I assume that other brands of SD cards that are U1 rated could also get it done at 60 fps Superfine, but I don't know for sure.

Test the SD card you have by recording video at whatever settings you want. The SD card you already own may be good enough.

Some people like to shoot in 4k and downscale to 1080 as it gives them editing flexibility such as re-framing, punching in and panning, as well as improved 1080 quality.

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