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Re: gray cards and incident readings

Overrank wrote:

This is a little different than the other people say expose in the shadows, not whole subject. The shadows seemed to make more sense, as if it’s in front of the person and there are highlights they will likely also increase

if the shadows are the subject then you would expose for the shadows. If the shadows aren’t the subject then expose for the subject.

Yes, Brandon, exactly what Overrank said -- particularly if you are not doing your own developing and/or scanning.

The one reason you might expose for something other than the overall light hitting your scene is if you were doing your own developing/printing. You might intentionally over-expose a little (i.e. for the shadows), develop normally, then go short on the time for printing and burn in some of that shadow detail by giving them more exposure to light. And by the way, in color printing that's a *huge* pain in the butt since you need to work in the dark.

So yes, I'd do what Overrank says -- expose for your subject, be it in light or in shadow.


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