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Re: gray cards and incident readings

brandon77 wrote:

Thanks for the advice. So helpful! If I decided I wanted to use on camera flash I’m thinking I wouldn’t meter?

Flash will change things a bit. Gosh, it's been y-e-e-e-e-e-a-r-s since I used one, but IIRC... You'll need to set the aperture for the distance-to-subject (there will be a table printed on the back of the flash that will show you), shutter speed to correspond to that aperture for a proper exposure (and it must be 1/60 or slower to ensure sync). Biggest concern is aperture for proper distance-to-subject; the rest only matters if the background is important to you.

One o' these days I'll get back to a little flash photography. For a while I was really into one second exposures with flash, like this one and this one .


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