RF 1.4 extender worth it for 100-500?

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Re: I'd just crop.

Abbott Schindler wrote:

draacor wrote:

the flexibility of the 100-500 cannot be understated. Also the MFD is a deal breaker for me as I regularly like to shoot from my office at small birds on my feeder which is a lot closer than the MFD.

Have you tried using a 12mm extension tube to reduce the mfd?

A 12 mm tube would have very little effect on the MFD of a 600 mm or 800 mm lens.

The only affordable RF mount tubes (that I'm aware of) are these: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/JJC-Extension-Exposure-Close-up-Photography/dp/B08223XTX4/ . Using the two tubes together (27 mm) reduces the MFD of the RF 600/11 from 4.5 m to 3.54 m. Which is better than a poke in the eye but still not very good.

BTW this is not a consequence of them being inexpensive. My EF 600/4L IS III has an MFD of 4.2 m. The corresponding Nikon's MFD is 4.4 m. It would be fair to say that the RF 600 isn't bad, it's just normal for a 600 mm lens - it's the RF 100-500 which is exceptionally good.

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