Using Z Mirrorless for BIF

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Using Z Mirrorless for BIF

A little over a month ago I was looking to downsize a bit and decided to try out a Z50 with 2 kit lens set. Seems about the smallest setup, me thinks (APS-C).

My D7500 serves me well, but wanted to see if the smaller Z50 and 50 - 250mm lens can do at least as well.

For larger birds, it's not a problem.

Female Mallard

Canadian Geese

How about smaller birds?

Blue Jay


OK, seems to do well.

But how about faster moving birds?

Tree Swallow #1

Tern #1

Tree Swallow #2

Even when another bird is behind the one I'm shooting (Tern behind the Swallow), it does well.

Tree Swallow and Tern

These are basically test shots, after my few outings this past month and I posted the better of these. Nothing great to look at here, but should give an idea of the results. one can obtain.

Using the D7500 for 2 years shooting  (mainly BIF) I feel confident that the Z50 can do as well, most of the time.

When the Z50 AF can't find the Subject , it can go through the full travel back and forth, and no way anything will come out in focus.

But, it seems that I have more keepers with the Z50.

Quite a surprise.

For all above shots I used AF Area Wide small.

Burst mode set to 5fps.

12 bit RAW.

All shots cropped quite a bit, and downsized for posting here.

Stay healthy


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