Canon G5X mk II release button behaviour

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mipa1955 Forum Member • Posts: 71
Re: Canon G5X mk II release button behaviour

You surely have made a good choice to take the G5X II.

I never had any issue with the af/release button when operating the camera. However reading your description, I understand what you mean and feel that from a mechanical perspective (the small range of keeping AF operating) my copy appears to work the same way as yours.

However my feeling with the release button appears to be quite different. Pushing the button about 1 mm down activates AF. Fine. Releasing it only a little bit stops AF. Not any issue for my. Why? Because there is a decent point of resistance between activating the AF and releasing the shutter. So I always have some solid pressure on the button while having AF and waiting for the right moment to trigger the shot. The two-stage increment of pressure needed to push down the button from 'nothing' through AF to release is nicely balanced from my point of view. There is no risk to take unwanted shots when keeping the finger on the button with a bit more pressure during AF.

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