RF 1.4 extender worth it for 100-500?

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Re: I'd just crop.

draacor wrote:

tkbslc wrote:

draacor wrote:

tkbslc wrote:

I wonder if 600 or 800mm f11 would better if you know you’ll always be at full zoom. Not much different than 700mm f10, but a lot cheaper and lighter.

the flexibility of the 100-500 cannot be understated.

Obviously. However as we discussed if you leave the TC on you are stuck past 420mm and flexibility is greatly reduced anyway. Which is why I said "if you know you'll always be at full zoom" above

Also the MFD is a deal breaker for me as I regularly like to shoot from my office at small birds on my feeder which is a lot closer than the MFD.

That's definitely something to consider.

Definitely something to consider is the minimum zoom with the TC on. But the flexibility is still there at least, just remove the TC and you got that range if you need it.

Absolutely. You still have some flexibility of focal length with the TC fitted, and as you mentioned before the difference in MFD is huge. Magnification at MFD with the 1.4x is 0.46x or almost 1:2 - some people would call that a macro lens!

Plus I often see passing comments about how small and light the 600 and 800 are, but actually it's only really true of the 600. The 800 is almost as heavy as the 100-500, and /much/ longer when packed. In fact it's roughly as long as the 100-500 with the 1.4x which we've all been complaining about.

The one massive advantage the 600 and 800 have is price.

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