RF 1.4 extender worth it for 100-500?

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Re: I'd just crop.

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From my experience, the quality of the shots uning the 1.4 TC is very good and given the right conditions I would have no issue using it. The problems are as already desribed, f10 and limited zoom range.

Moving forward I will be using the 100-500 without the TC when normally walking round, but would always carry the 1.4 TC. That way if I need a bit of reach I can enter crop mode and take the shot or crop inpost. If I have time and the subject is distant I then have the option of putting the 1.4 Tc on.

As has previously been discussed it depends on what you shoot.

I wonder if 600 or 800mm f11 would better if you know you’ll always be at full zoom. Not much different than 700mm f10, but a lot cheaper and lighter.

the flexibility of the 100-500 cannot be understated.

Obviously. However as we discussed if you leave the TC on you are stuck past 420mm and flexibility is greatly reduced anyway. Which is why I said "if you know you'll always be at full zoom" above

Also the MFD is a deal breaker for me as I regularly like to shoot from my office at small birds on my feeder which is a lot closer than the MFD.

That's definitely something to consider.

Definitely something to consider is the minimum zoom with the TC on. But the flexibility is still there at least, just remove the TC and you got that range if you need it.  I will most likely have it off when traveling and will only use it when the situation presents itself. It will not be something I will keep on the lens all the time. I also enjoy shooting wild horses and such near my home so a TC is not necessary as I can get relatively close to them.

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