RF 1.4 extender worth it for 100-500?

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Re: RF 1.4 extender worth it for 100-500?

The 100-500L works amazingly well with the RF 1.4x converter. I was never a huge fan of the EF converters, and I preferred not to use them unless it was necessary. However, the RF converters have completely reversed my previous thoughts. When I'm out shooting wildlife I'll have the 1.4x on more often then not.

Obviously you need the right conditions and it makes the 100-500 slightly less flexible in terms of the zoom range (420-700) and the smaller aperture range as well. For me these are usually non-issues as I live in Phoenix AZ so I have an over-abundance of available light most of the time, and I prefer to shoot tight when possible anyway.

The 1.4x also takes the pseudo-macro capabilities of the 100-500 and punches it up a bit. Having a 700mm lens that can focus so closely means things like bees and butterflies are easier to get from a distance, yet still fill the frame. In fact I rarely use my EF 100L Macro lens for butterflies anymore, the 100-500 + 1.4 has all but taken that completely over.

Sure you can crop in later, but there have been plenty of times where I still need to cop in when using the 1.4x on the 100-500, and those shots just would have been out of reach of the bare 100-500 lens.

Anyway, I have an album on my Flickr account dedicated to shots I take with the 100-500 + 1.4x converter on my R5, anything from aviation to wildlife, to "macro" is what's mostly there.


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