RF 1.4 extender worth it for 100-500?

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Re: I'd just crop.

draacor wrote:

tkbslc wrote:

tonyoco wrote:

From my experience, the quality of the shots uning the 1.4 TC is very good and given the right conditions I would have no issue using it. The problems are as already desribed, f10 and limited zoom range.

Moving forward I will be using the 100-500 without the TC when normally walking round, but would always carry the 1.4 TC. That way if I need a bit of reach I can enter crop mode and take the shot or crop inpost. If I have time and the subject is distant I then have the option of putting the 1.4 Tc on.

As has previously been discussed it depends on what you shoot.

I wonder if 600 or 800mm f11 would better if you know you’ll always be at full zoom. Not much different than 700mm f10, but a lot cheaper and lighter.

the flexibility of the 100-500 cannot be understated.

Obviously. However as we discussed if you leave the TC on you are stuck past 420mm and flexibility is greatly reduced anyway. Which is why I said "if you know you'll always be at full zoom" above

Also the MFD is a deal breaker for me as I regularly like to shoot from my office at small birds on my feeder which is a lot closer than the MFD.

That's definitely something to consider.

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