Sony A7C question before possible buy

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Re: Sony A7C question before possible buy

Tristimulus wrote:

Robert111 wrote:

- I find the swing out screen to be very awkward.

My first impression too. The flip screen is more effecient.

But - the flip screen is incredibly handy when aiming the camera in different directions so my opinion has gradually changed. Love the flip screen now - after shooting some thousand images with my A7c.

- The viewfinder is not a problem for me but a better one would be welcome.

Agree fully.

- Wish it had a built in flash.

Do personally not like the feeble built in flashes. But we are all different.

- In actual use, it is fun to shoot and produces excellent IQ with the small and light kit zoom.
- Wish the kit zoom started at 24mm.

Agree fully - the A7c is a fun camera to use, and capable of producing really serious images.

It's really what I aiming and looking for a camera that can propose serious images. If I move from my Leica Q-P it needs to be at least a s good, but I guess I should find some good lenses. 
I was really hesitating with a Fuji Cropped sensor camera (the x-s10 probably) but would rather stay on FF. 24Mpx is nice a little mor would be great also (around 30).
Would you recommend it also for street work/photography?

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