MINI CHALLENGE #628 - Food - the more delicious the better!!!

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"The Dark Side," of my life is chocolate.

Jerry045 wrote:

abiquiuense wrote:

OMG, Jerry. I don't want to influence the judge, but, there is such a thing as "ex parte."

! Feliz Cumpleaños ! Live Long and Prosper!

Let's see, hmmm. Lantus, Humolog, (space suit invasion), Tresiba, or Jardiance (deep pockets) Actos, (sleep while it works, run, Jerry, run) Aspirin, (babyStuff), Difibralator/Pacemaker,

And, now, how do you say it in Spanish; "Comorbidities?" There is a pandemic out there. If the thing didn't notice you, it just got an idea.


May I have a slice of that one, and that one, and that one, and, that seltzer, over there, the one next to the Spam and the Vienna Sausages?

Dear Mr. Judge;

Do not pick my Friend. He will select airplanes as a topic, and I don't even have a model.

Signed; "Alfalfa."

What can I say David, I have no willpower. Every so often, I go over to the dark side.

However, the anecdotal record, and an article by a now-retired, NM State historian, and, myMom, has it that "Our Dark Side," the arroyo under this rainbow, has it that a man murdered his nemesis, so that he could have his wife, and ten children. I would not have put the two together, until myMom told me the story of "El Arroyo del Difunto Luis." (defunct; "Dead, Jim, Dead.")

Up that arroyo is a short cut to the Pueblo. The legend was forgotten, except to the intrepid detective, little old moi, who frequents, the now forgotten "Bosque del Difuncto Luis (Eulfemio) Suazo". So, I got stuck, in the mud, behind me, deep, deep, in, you guessed it, "The Bosque (forest)." Apparently, there is a dark side, cuz, I had to go over that butte, to get some help. When I told myCousin, (number 43 of 1,054) where I was, he asked "What are you doing in the "Dark Side," I thought nothing of it, cuz, I'm a star gazer.

But, there really is a Dark Side. Check out this corrupted file.

myBabe waves an unopened Nestle's Milk Chocolate, at me, when she wants me to come in from raking the farm. I tell that I'm going to invent an app, for my iPhone, that sounds like aluminum unwrapping a chunk of Heaven.

Look closely, it is corrupted. Then entire contact sheet of autumn fooliage is corrupted.

Any cake left?

Edit; The historian discovered the story in an old newspaper, from around 1860, circa there,

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