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Vikas M Gore wrote:

Excellent pictures Paul, though forgive me for thinking you’ve focused on a kind of poverty tourism. Still, there’s no denying that this state of affairs does exist. But there is a lot more - and I don’t mean the equally vulgar displays of wealth on the other extreme :-).

Still, I enjoyed the pictures. I used to travel to India a lot on work until COVID hit. I miss it and miss the chance of seeing friends and relatives when I could spare the time.

I keep in touch with several folks. Two architects, in an office we worked with, unfortunately caught COVID and passed away. Amazingly most of the many other people I know have escaped being infected and those that did catch the virus came through fine.

A difficult time there.

Hello Vikas,

Thank you for your comments and I am very sorry to hear about the passing of your colleagues. I am also an architect and have colleagues in Chennai. Fortunately they’re ok - but having a difficult time.

I’d like to push back a little on your comment about “poverty tourism” if I may. I think they show (some of) the poverty as it is - I don’t think they are stylised photos. Happy to debate your point and I appreciate your sentiment.

I fully accept there is a lot more to India than poverty (I love the place) but it is also true that poverty, in no small measure, has contributed to the terrible position the country currently finds itself in. Frankly I’m embarrassed that my wealthy country isn’t helping more.



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