Panasonic 2022-2030

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Panasonic 2022-2030

Via Jsake in the L-mount Forum:

Drawing the CEO from R&D (including audio-visual) seems promising to me.

As I recall, Sony’s shift from NEX to FE Alphas was a sharp turn directed by a new CEO. In that case the shift was highly successful. Of course, that was a different company culture and at a less mature phase in the citizen imaging industry, but it does serve as an example of effective sharp change.

Reality checks: " March 2022, focus will shift to refining the competitiveness of each individual business under the new holding company structure." Until then Panasonic will prepare a vision for 2030 to "break away from low-margin businesses and position the company for future growth in higher-margin sectors." which hopefully won’t impair production gear and citizen imaging.

Promising statements from imminent CEO, Kasumi-san:

Invoking the founder: "...’progress and development of society' and 'enhancing quality of life throughout the world.'"

Invoking his predecessor and chairman: "...identifying a specific business' core competency and then refining its competitiveness in that narrowly focused area."

Cavalry & Innervation-for-Innovation declarations:

"When it comes to accelerating business development, you will have my maximum support."

"...each business will be able to set its own rules and platforms based on actual business and market conditions."

"...transfer authority to the front lines and transform into a strong group capable of competing with specialized manufacturers."

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