Fringer EF-FX vs Metabones Speedbooster EF-FX (with Sigma 150-600)

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Re: Fringer EF-FX vs Metabones Speedbooster EF-FX (with Sigma 150-600)

xaprb wrote:

Thanks for your message. I own some SpeedBoosters, but only "dumb" mechanical ones. They work great, optically; I started this thread to ask if anyone knows if they work great in enabling lens features like image stabilization and autofocus, too. My theory was that my Sigma doesn't focus well because it's not getting enough light, but after further testing I think I've got a lemon. I didn't do a great job in this thread of documenting my progression of lens testing and findings.

Regardless, I would be very curious to hear what you find. Is the Metabones just as smart as the Fringer, but also with focal-reducing optics? Or do its electronic functions fall short of the Fringer?

I think that the AF and image stabilization functions of the Metabones speedbooster work more or less as well as they do on the Fringer adapter.

It's hard to say for sure exactly how comparable they work, perhaps AF works a little bit less, but I have still not tested the speed booster with my 100-400mm Sigma zoom!

What you say about speed boosters helping AF makes senses, as they help with more light being available on the sensor to help the AF system.

When it comes to build-quality of the metabones speedbooster I'm not convinced, however. Out of the box, the lens mount is extremely stiff (on the EF side). Really, really extremely stiff. You have to apply a lot of force to get the lens off.

This is by design.

There are some instructions on how to reduce the tension, by bending some springs. For that you have to open the screws of the lens mount, but... they were so tight that I couldn't turn most of them. Not with the provided tool, and not with my own tools.

I managed to push the indicated springs with a screwdriver and the lens mount got looser, not it's too loose and gives a bit of wobble!

They have a USB connection for firmware updates, but it's on the outside and has a very small plastic cap on it that falls off easily and gets lost. So I'm not counting on any water or dust proofing.

I have not really noticed and optical flaws though, so that is good, but I am not qualified to make a proper professional judgement on it! When I use it, it is mostly with an ultra-wide (15mm) FF prime lens to make it both wider and faster (so the field of view should match more or less the FoV it would have on a FF camera) but for some reason, the lens hood or my filters cause vignetting when using the speedbooster on that lens; as if the FoV becomes too wide. You shouldn't see a dark shadow of the lenses own lenshood on the picture!!

Overall, then, I'm not so happy with the speedbooster for my own purposes but the AF and image stabilization do work well so for your purposes it may be worth trying it out.

If you can try it out in a camera shop near you, then you can try it before you buy it and avoid potentially wasting money. (Camera shops near where I live do sell various metabones adapters and speedboosters but didn't sell this particular one, at least not at the time I bought mine).

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