Which EF lenses for a high MP R?

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Re: Which EF lenses for a high MP R?

Doppler9000 wrote:

I have a strong use case for the rear filter EF to RF adapter (IR). While there is still stock, what exceptional EF lenses would people recommend as strong enough not to be crushed by the RF native equivalent, at least for a while?

i have 12 EF "L" lenses that i like and use a lot, so when i move to R3 (when available), i won't touch RF lenses, i'll be using my "L" lenses for just about any circumstances.

as suggesting for your use, i am not what you like to shoot the most. if you acquire a EF 24-70 f2.8 II and a canon EF 100-400 II, you can shoot high IQ images and cover a lot of range from Wide to Long. that is what i do using my canon 1Dx and 5DsR cameras and am very happy. that is why i haven't rushed to get R5 yet

good luck.

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