Article on Fstoppers--DSLR owner shooting with a Z7 for the first time

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Re: Article on Fstoppers--DSLR owner shooting with a Z7 for the first time

north w wrote:

Virtual Photon wrote:

Picking up an entirely new camera the day before a major trip is a rookie mistake. As good as the 24-200 is, particularly at “landscape” apertures, the Z system is all about the S lenses which are uniformly a step up from their DSLR counterparts.

Not correct, lets compare the DSLR counterparts from the contemperary units and some old Nikon F-lenses.

The 14 year old F-lens is 50% sharper on the same sensor

The S 24-70 barley surpass the 14 year old F-lens, but is equalized by the 1/2 price 9 year old Tamron.

The 85 is the best S tested so far, edges out the older F mount but it falls short for all other contemperary newer lenses like Tamron, Zeiss Milvus and Sigma Art

At 50mm its the same story, the new S line dont add to IQ compared to the contemperary counterparts, the Sigma Art 50 is better.

I wonder if he was even using EFCS on some of his reduced shutter speed images. He complains that the images were ‘soft’ which I don’t believe I’ve ever heard anyone, (or at least any skilled user) ever complain about aZ camera with an S lens.

Well, a Z-mount 24-200 at that "low" price should not have the highest expectations.

The Z system regarding Image Quality is not an upgrade, in all aspects one can find F mounts that is equal or much better, and adding the 0,5-1 stop higher vignetting at wide lenses than F mounts, than its obvius that Z lenses is a downgrade.

First of all, this is way off topic from the OP’s thread.  If you want to start a thread claiming how poorly the S lenses perform then go ahead

I’ll get the popcorn.

Secondly, if you actually believe that the IQ of a lens can be reduced down to a single number then so be it.   50% sharper?  That’s adorable.

As Pauli said “This isn’t right.  This isn’t even wrong.”

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