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Re: Alternative to the platypod

Since we can't buy the Platypod and Decade here I bought a similar plate from another brand at my favorite shop.

Great for hikers/cyclists, because it's small, lightweight and can be strapped around trees, poles or put on rocks.

Another way to use it is in hides where there is limited space for tripods and people may hit them because it's quite dark there. I use the plate with a Leofoto 100 clamp to attach the plate to all kinds of things in hides.

There are many plates like this available. Look for the ones that can handle a wider strap and buy a decent strap of at least 1 meter. The trees will be your best friend when using these plates in nature. In my country, with lots of cattle, wooden fence poles around pastures are a good option too. In some countries telegraph poles will work.

In short, buy a Platypod type of plate, buy a good wide clamp (RRS, Leofoto) and a strap that can hold 100 kg and you are good to go.

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