Black and white filters with an infrared modified camera

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Re: Black and white filters with an infrared modified camera

aviscerebrum wrote:

I have a Sony A7 modified for infrared with a 720 nanometre filter.

My own logic says that using a yellow, orange or red filter as in 'normal' monochrome photography would not alter image tones with an infrared camera, and a trial taking shots with these filters in place seems to confirm that in that there is no discernible difference between with or without the filters.

Is this conclusion the same for other forum members?

The fact that you have a 720nm filter already on the camera, the red, or the orange, or the yellow filters aren't going to be affecting what the pixels see in any appreciable way.

The 720nm filter attenuates all light with shorter wavelengths and passes light with wavelengths longer than 720nm. Only the red pixels are seeing this light with the green and blue pixels seeing very little light. If you add a red filter, or an orange filter, or a yellow filter, you are only affecting pixels that are already not seeing much light.

Probably the only effect you should see is that the camera receives a bit less light and you have to compensate. But the image should not change.

Now, if the camera did not have the built in 720nm filter, you would see differences.

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