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One of my fave photographic genres which is much overlooked. Maximalism.

Glad you posted in this forum because I never would have seen it in the B&W forum. It's a fabulous image.

Your comment about Maximalism made me think about an article I read on Ming Thein's website a few years ago. He talked about concept called Wimmelbild, which he describes as "the concept of ‘teeming pictures’ – or a composition that is extremely full of detail and sub-scenes within the main composition." You are not pushing it as far as he does, but you still might find it an interesting read:

I've had a good look through Ming's site, he's a talented chap. I was flicking through thinking he's a good allrounder, but what's his speciality, then saw his rock solid studio work. Of all his work, i'd say his wimmelbild collection is his weakest, I was a bit disappointed with the article. Then again, he'd set his standards so high as I looked through his entire portfolio before reading it. Worth reading and the responses are good.

Thanks again for the link, well worth seeing.

Indeed an interesting link. I like the idea of Wimmelbild, and maybe what he shows is not the best of the kind, but it is something to look into. But more importantly, I think what he and Gursky are doing is only partially related to your concept. Two striking differences. Their subjects are mostly man-made [inanimate], yours is about people [and an essential seagull]. Secondly you do not try to have sub-scenes everywhere, but the 'empty' areas give a sense of place.

All in all a great image and a very interesting discussion

The references to Brueghel and children's book illustration grabbed my attention. It is obviously easier to create a character filled composition with a pen or brush than with a camera but it reminded me of the hours spent with my brother pouring over the details in W Heath Robinson illustrations and  more recently the children's book illustrations of Korky Paul, most notably Winnie The Witch - a chance to relive the spirit of my childhood when reading to our girls (some years ago now!).

Gursky has some people based Wimmelbild photos - some formula one photos of pit stops springs to mind plus one of a crowd scene from above (actually, he did a few of those, very Where's Waldo).

Thanks for your comments on mine. It's a very satisfying image from my point of view. It isn't possible to track everything in the viewfinder for busy shots, so I'll have been aware of the roaming seagull, they guys on the roof - no avoiding the crowd eating, but the symmetry of the two guys in the doorways, I'm pretty sure the guy on the right had shown his face earlier and I was sure he'd return, the guy on the left is a happy coincidence.

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