Sony A7C question before possible buy

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Re: Sony A7C question before possible buy

I went through various Sony APS-C models (A5000, A6000, A6400) and finally upgraded to the full frame two weeks ago, because I found a 20% sale for A7C. I sold the A6400 and all the APS-C lenses, now I am slowly buying a new ones.

  • The viewfinder is a bit smaller than on A6x00 models, but very good quality and it took me a week to get comfortable with
  • I don't wear glasses, but it has the diopter adjustment
  • I went for the A7C over the A7III because the AF is a newer generation and I prefer to have the viewfinder in the corner (similar to A6x00) rather than in the center
  • There is broad selection of FE lenses, especially this year. Sony GM are the best ones, but you don't need them on a 24 MP "only" sensor. Third party lenses like Sigma and Tamron are also very good to excellent. Samyang primes are a budget option, optical quality is actually good, but there are sample variants. Check this blog:
  • Display quality is the same as with other Sony models, except the latest A7RIV new version. Not excellent (as we know from high-end mobiles), not bad. The touchscreen works for setting the focus point only, not for menus etc.

My overall experience with A7C is very good. I don't need a big and heavy camera and the small viewfinder works for me well. Image quality is sufficient for me, I don't need the high resolution 42/61 MP sensor of the A7 "R" models. It is still much improvement over the APS-C.

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