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Re: Trigger multiple speedlites

fr4nk wrote:

Basically, I own one wireless speedlite (Godox tt600s for Sony) and 2 without wireless.

A lot of this depends on what the "2 without wireless" flashes are.

I know I need the X1T to trigger the wireless one and use it's features (HSS),

Actually, there are about four or five Godox transmitters you can use. Just saying. The X1T-S is the oldest one with the worst UI. The Xpro-S, Flashpoint R2 Pro II-S, and theX2T-S are the current models I'd recommend looking at if you haven't yet bought an X1T-S.

but how do I also trigger the others? Do I need any particular receiver or there's multiple options?

Multiple options exist.

You can add Godox X1R-S receivers to the feet of the other two flashes, but you won't get TTL or HSS or possibly even remote power control if they're not Sony-compatible flashes with multi-interface feet. If, like the TT600s, they're single-pin manual only flashes, then all any hotshoe [camera or receiver] can tell them to do is fire.  HSS and remote power control are not going to be possible.

At that point, getting the Flashpoint SPT transceivers might make more sense to use as manual-only radio triggers. Unfortunately, if you're outside the US, I don't think that's an option as they're Adorama exclusives.

But. If these two other flashes come equipped with "dumb" optical slave modes (typically called S1/S2), you could also use those to have them fire when those slave modes sense that the TT600s fires. This would, however, be manual only and not capable of TTL/HSS/remote power control.

This is just me, but I'd say consider getting additional TT600/TT600s units instead of add-on receivers for your other two flashes. A TT600 is only $60. An X1R-S is $40. For the convenience of having built-in triggers, remote power, group, and HSS control, IMHO, the additional $20 is more than worth it.

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