Article on Fstoppers--DSLR owner shooting with a Z7 for the first time

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Re: no editorial standards

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For me, a bit irritating to give so much space to someone who couldn't be bothered to spend any effort learning a new camera.

F-stoppers has zero editorial standards. Same with Petapixel and dozens of others. The issue is simple: editorial standards don't get clicks; in fact, they can interfere with getting clicks.

This is a lamentable problem in digital photography publishing. Publishers with no standards (both web and YouTube) have a very large audience in this field. Of course, it's true in many, many other fields, too. A lot of newbies are therefore getting crummy information. I really don't think there's a solution. Clicks are clicks.

It's actually admirable to me that publishers like DPReview still maintain standards. They've got to feel the squeeze from other places that simply chase clicks in the fastest, cheapest way possible. They are all competing for the same advertising dollars, and who has the clicks is a very important factor for advertisers.

This is So true.

I was going to respond with "people still go to fstoppers?", but this comment was perfect. The writer was so wrong and do you think they'll correct it? -No. Because controversy brings clicks.

I stopped going there a very long time ago.

I read the thread before the article. It's almost as if some of these comments are about a totally different article. It seemed perfectly reasonable and well-written. My guess is the editors made the decision to give it a slightly click-baity title. It's a Nikon DSLR photographer writing about his first experience with a Nikon MILC. He seems to like it!

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