Sony A7C question before possible buy

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Re: Sony A7C question before possible buy

lattesweden wrote:

geekoo wrote:

Sorry as I am not a english native speaker

Same here, I'm from Sweden.

, I am not sure to understand everything.
So you don't have the electronic shutter mode only?

It does have full e-shutter.

I do presume (sorry again) that you can shoot in mechanical mode only up to 1/4000s with the rear curtain.


But there is no mechanical front curtain on the A7C, so always EFCS.

And 1/160 flash sync speed on A7C, not 1/250 as the other bodys.

And 1/4000 is max with the mechanical shutter on A7C.

So what about photos with a slow shutter (1s - 1/30s) speed you would use for as an example waterfalls etc?

My A7III that has the same sensor can do 30 seconds to 1/8000 with the full e-shutter, but best to check the A7C specs.

I have read the specs of the A7C, the Electronic shutters goes up to 1/8000s? Is that right? That's seems strange really. Probably I missread.

1/8000 is correct. But the read out speed is only about 1/30 so not really good for action.

And I have another question, I see that on Sony cameras you can change the mode from FF to apcs mode, what would be the benefits and disavantages?

If I take a 20mm FF lens, this would give me the equivalent of a 30mm lens? But what about the other advantages and disavantages?

On the 24 Mpix bodys the APS-C mode is somewhere around 10 Mpix so I don't use the APS-C mode on those (on the high resolution bodys the APS-C mode is from 18 Mpix and up depending on body and then it becomes useful for me).

I am not looking for a fast action camera. Really, I will need it for street, portraits, urban "sports" (skateboard etc) and very occasionally some landscape when on hollidays.
So is you experience overall good?

As I wrote in my first answer: I don't have the A7C, only the A7III. There are many similarities and also some differences. I have been looking into the A7C since it is lighter and smaller and have some advantages I would like, but the shutter disadvantages I described have held me back from getting the A7C. So I will stay with the A7III with which I am pretty happy overall.

Yeah, the EFCS-or-bust aspect of the A7C seems like the biggest drawback to me, I'm not sure it's worth trading worse bokeh with primes during the daytime (or having to use an ND) for slightly less weight and no EVF hump, for people coming from a body without real time tracking it's still a tempting proposition tho...

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