Sony A7C question before possible buy

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Re: Sony A7C question before possible buy

...seconds so not so good for movement, and not possible to use with flash.

Sorry as I am not a english native speaker

Same here, I'm from Sweden.

, I am not sure to understand everything.
So you don't have the electronic shutter mode only?

It does have full e-shutter.

I do presume (sorry again) that you can shoot in mechanical mode only up to 1/4000s with the rear curtain.


But there is no mechanical front curtain on the A7C, so always EFCS.

And 1/160 flash sync speed on A7C, not 1/250 as the other bodys.

And 1/4000 is max with the mechanical shutter on A7C.

So what about photos with a slow shutter (1s - 1/30s) speed you would use for as an example waterfalls etc?

My A7III that has the same sensor can do 30 seconds to 1/8000 with the full e-shutter, but best to check the A7C specs.

I have read the specs of the A7C, the Electronic shutters goes up to 1/8000s? Is that right? That's seems strange really. Probably I missread.

1/8000 is correct. But the read out speed is only about 1/30 so not really good for action.

And I have another question, I see that on Sony cameras you can change the mode from FF to apcs mode, what would be the benefits and disavantages?

If I take a 20mm FF lens, this would give me the equivalent of a 30mm lens? But what about the other advantages and disavantages?

On the 24 Mpix bodys the APS-C mode is somewhere around 10 Mpix so I don't use the APS-C mode on those (on the high resolution bodys the APS-C mode is from 18 Mpix and up depending on body and then it becomes useful for me).

I am not looking for a fast action camera. Really, I will need it for street, portraits, urban "sports" (skateboard etc) and very occasionally some landscape when on hollidays. 
So is you experience overall good?

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