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Tristimulus wrote:

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I am currently looking for a photo camera. I am a street shooter / Portrait / candid and I also do a little of architecture. I am at the moment shooting with an Q-P. I have shot before on Canon and Fuji (X100F, Xt30) and I also had a cropped sensor the Leica Cl.

So the idea is depending on the total budget either add a new camera to my Q-P with a different field of view or sell my Q-P to buy some gear. I do hesitate between several cameras: The Fuji X-S10, the GFX-50R, the Canon eos M6 Mark II and the Sony A7C. I have never shot on Sony before. I am a manual shooter mainly, I have seen a few youtube videos to set up the camera and make it confortable to shoot. Before making my definitive choice and perhaps buying the 7AC (as I love what I have seen so far) I have a few questions:

Have the A7c (wich has now replaced my A7III fully). Am now into 4000+ exposures.

  • I wear glasses, and the EVF seems little. Does I Eye Cup Helps a little? I have seen a few recommendations.

About the same size as the a6400 viewfinder. Slightly on the small side but works fine for me. And yes, glasses here. Sharp and contrasty.

Others do complain. Most of the whiners do not have the camera.

  • How is the rotative screen in quality, I am not looking for the most high end screen but something confortable, with a good colour restitution and also usable outside.

The screen is a typical Sony screen. Not the best in class but personally I miss nothing.

Not everyone will agree.

  • I will use this camera 90% for photography. I hesitated with the A7III but I prfere the form factor of this one and the extra options, upgrades etc. How does it perform in photography. I am not a professional photographer, but I have sometimes a few jobs, I do print also sometimes, not in huge formats but around max 70-80cm. I am really looking for a good camera coupled with one or two good lenses (see beneath).

Love the form factor of the camera. Fewer buttons and wheels is a great plus (at least for those who love minimalistic design). Handles very well in my hands.

Just set up the camera properly and let go. This camera is an auto focus auto exposure centric camera. Manual exposure and manual focus should work well, but that is not the strenght of this camera. The A7III would probably be a better choice if manual is wanted.

  • What is your overall experience with tis camera?

Have adapted fully. Have been into photography since the 70s and this is the most enjoyable camera I have ever had. Love it.

Naysayers will for sure chime in on this one and claim my opinion noyt valid.

  • I am looking for one or two primes, quite fast, with either character and also good to very good IQ. One thing for certain, I do not want huge or heavy lenses. The lenses could be manual or autofocus lenses. I am looking probably for lenses around 35mm - 40mm - 50mm -60mm max. But I would start with one or two, and to be honest I don't really want more. The price tag could be for a lens around 1000€. I saw some people talking even of Leica lenses on the sony E-mount body.
    What lenses would you suggest?
    It's perhaps a strange decision, to perhaps sell my Q-P camera that I quite like. But I miss a few things really. I love the object, the lense is really great. The iQ is really good also but everything is not perfect (it will not be of course with the A7C ).
    Voilà and merci from Brussels
    Take care!

Personally I like the new compact primes. Will get the 2.8/24 and 2.5/40 for pocketable photography (live everything that fit in a pocket). Not the brightest lenses around but small and handy. Superb auto focus and very good flare and ghost resistance too.

The GM lenses are faster and better but also more expensive.

Lenses with an aperture ring seems like a good idea for the A7c which has only one control wheel (the A7III have two).

But beware - my dream camera might be anothers worst nightmare!


To be honest the fewer dials and wheels perfect for me. If I can change my speed (on camera) and the aperature on the lens and my iso I have about everything I need. 
What about the overall IQ you get from the camera coupled with a good lens?

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