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  • I wear glasses, and the EVF seems little. Does I Eye Cup Helps a little? I have seen a few recommendations.

I have been studying the A7C and I like the concept very much. But there are some buts that has stopped me from getting one (I'll come to those).
I also wear glasses and I can never see the full screen in the EVF on Sonys cameras. The A1 seems to fix this by having a higher eye point, like the old Nikon F3 HP had plus that one can also scale down the EVF image size somewhat which also helps.

The A7C has smaller view from the beginning and several glass wearers that have tried the A7C says that they can see the full image but that it is small so you need good sharpness to work well with it.

Due to the pandemic I haven't have a chance to test myself so the above is experience reported by others.

  • I will use this camera 90% for photography. I hesitated with the A7III but I prfere the form factor of this one and the extra options, upgrades etc. How does it perform in photography. I am not a professional photographer, but I have sometimes a few jobs, I do print also sometimes, not in huge formats but around max 70-80cm. I am really looking for a good camera coupled with one or two good lenses (see beneath).

I have the A7III which uses the same sensor and I am very happy with the image quality.

  • I am looking for one or two primes, quite fast, with either character and also good to very good IQ. One thing for certain, I do not want huge or heavy lenses. The lenses could be manual or autofocus lenses. I am looking probably for lenses around 35mm - 40mm - 50mm -60mm max. But I would start with one or two, and to be honest I don't really want more. The price tag could be for a lens around 1000€. I saw some people talking even of Leica lenses on the sony E-mount body.
    What lenses would you suggest?

If you go here:
You can find an Excel list of all native lenses including weight and pick out the ones you are interested in. That site also has very good tests and reviews, but haven't tested them all.

But that has Marc Alhadeff almost made, there aren't many native lenses he hasn't run through his standardized tests, so check them out here:

It's perhaps a strange decision, to perhaps sell my Q-P camera that I quite like. But I miss a few things really. I love the object, the lense is really great. The iQ is really good also but everything is not perfect (it will not be of course with the A7C ).
Voilà and merci from Brussels
Take care!

Some things that might be worth to know about the A7C, is the lesser buttons and controls, including no joystick vs the "DSLR" styled bodys.

Also the shutter is EFCS-only, meaning the front curtain is always EFCS and the rear curtain is mechanic. It tops out at 1/4000, which is lower than other Sony bodys. Also EFCS is not so good with bokeh and large aperture primes at high shutter speeds. And the e-shutter has a fairly low read out speed (around 1/30) so not so good with movements. EFCS only can also have banding problems with some flashes when shooting HSS.

On the upside over A7III the A7C has better tracking AF and also have a full Aperture Drive in AF Focus Priority implementation so should be good with low light group portraits with stopped down working apertures, which many other Sony bodys struggle with.

Thanks for you answer. Regarding the shutter I guess you can choose to shoot with the mechanical shutter only or in electronic mode or in EFCS?

Sorry if I wasn't clear enough. The A7C, as also the A1 actually, don't have a mechanical front curtain so you only have the electronic front curtain (EFCS) plus the mechanical rear curtain in the mechanical shutter mode.

The only alternative to that is the full e-shutter, but on the A7C it reads out in about 1/30 seconds so not so good for movement, and not possible to use with flash.

Sorry as I am not a english native speaker, I am not sure to understand everything. 
So you don't have the electronic shutter mode only? 
I do presume (sorry again) that you can shoot in mechanical mode only up to 1/4000s with the rear curtain.
So what about photos with a slow shutter (1s - 1/30s) speed you would use for as an example waterfalls etc?

I have read the specs of the A7C, the Electronic shutters goes up to 1/8000s? Is that right? That's seems strange really. Probably I missread. 
And I have another question, I see that on Sony cameras you can change the mode from FF to apcs mode, what would be the benefits and disavantages?
If I take a 20mm FF lens, this would give me the equivalent of a 30mm lens? But what about the other advantages and disavantages?

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