Day trip to North Wales.

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Day trip to North Wales.

First day trip of any sort of distance for about 14 months, set the day to be yesterday and as luck would have it the weather forecast was horrible. nothing but heavy rain forecast but what the heck, went anyway and ever the optimist, took the camera as well. Rained all the way there. got to Wales and something went wrong, every time we got out of the car it had stopped raining. I promised to be on good behaviour and keep the photography to a minimum. Quite an enjoyable day was had  with a round trip distance of about 250 miles it felt like Covid might be on the back burner and, fingers crossed, a soon to be bad memory. Great to be by the coast again but it was still evident that Covid was still having an effect when out and about, very quiet for people for a Saturday let alone a Saturday by the coast.

Anyways, here's a few shots taken from the Conwy and Llandudno areas that don't seem to feature too much on here.


Passed by this old bridge when taking a quick detour for Conwy falls but never got to see the falls, being a good boy and not spending too much time looking for photo's was hard work.


Conwy castle, dating from about 1289, taken from the the railway side, pity the tide was out but impressive none the less.


The quay house, for interest, built against the town wall down by the quayside in Conwy. Britains smallest house is no longer lived in but still owned I believe by the family descendants of the last person who lived there back in May of 1900. The house is 16th century and 72 inches wide by 122 inches high, last in use as a home by a 6'3" fisherman who couldn't stand upright inside and only had room for a single bed, a fireplace and a coal bunker. Seeing the green arrow and separation line made me wonder how things would have been in places like this back in the days of the plague.


Only took a couple of shots in Llandudno, this is at the end of the obligatory pier walk and shows some of the wind turbines for the wind farm set out at sea in the area on the right hand side horizon.


Stood on a wooden jetty as the tide was coming back in in Llandudno I thought it would make a good long exposure shot, luckily I was parked nearby and my tripod was in the back. My wife thought I had lost the plot when I went for the tripod for such a boring view but liked the end result.

Thanks for looking and hope you found a few brief moments from my day trip to Wales interesting  


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