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Ashaz wrote:

Thanks again and I will look at the website.

I wish there was a course on Lightroom nearby but there is always YouTube, I suppose.

I seem to remember shooting a lot higher than 4000 with the A7 iii and being happy.

I would go back to it but I really do like the 1/16000 and 1/32000 options. I don't use them a lot but when I do it's important.

Noise is (mostly) not about the ISO value. If you shoot two correctly exposed images at f/4 - one at 1/10000 s and ISO 4000 and one at 1/1250 S and ISO 4000, the second image will have captured 8 times the amount of light / photons. That is 8=2^3 -> 3 stops of difference in this example. Although captured at the same ISO, the second image will show significantly less noise.

Noise is about the amount of light you captured - there is some tricky details with modern dual gain sensors where the ISO plays some role, but above ISO 800, nearly all modern sensors more or less don't care which ISO you choose. The amount of noise will then only depend on the exposure.

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