Focusing night shots?

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Re: Focusing night shots?

I've focused on a fairly bright star using the 100% zoom. Use manual focus. Locate a star, then slowly turn the focus ring back and forth. The star goes from a disk to a point, then back to a disk as focus changes. It's pretty easy to find the sharpest view.

I haven't tried it with an ultra wide lens. That might need 200% zoom.


(My Z6 has "+" and "-" zoom buttons on the back. I think the Z50 has it on the side of the screen?)

I use the 100% zoom a lot. So I have the F2 button set to 100% zoom. This is better than using the "+" and "-" buttons, since one press goes directly to 100%, then press again and it reverts back to full view. It zooms to the focus pointer. And also zooms to the focus point when doing image reviews.


Autofocus with a manual override

Hold the AF button, then turn the lens focus ring. It'll change the focus. I like the 100% zoom when I do this. It's perfect for shooting a subject with branches or other obstructions in front.

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