The M42 adapter used on Nikon F can make a huge difference

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Re: Trap/catch in-focus

I should have been more clear what my problem was in getting pinpoint focus of my manual focus lenses on the 3 DSLRs I tried them on. Every one of the DSLRs, when the focus indicators blinked or I judged focus correct, actually were focusing a bit in front of, or behind (I forget which, it’s been several years and I didn’t write it in notes) the actual spot I was focusing on. I first thought it was a problem to be fixed with a different focus screen, so a got a split-image one for the Nikon. Nice screen, but the focus error persisted. I believe the way to get it dead-on was to use shims. No dice with fooling with that.  Granted I could bracket focus or guess how to adjust it on the fly, but why bother when my adapted lenses worked fine with the mirrorless bodies I had. The reason for the FF was to get a particular sensor that was getting some praise on blogs, and to get a bigger sensor for adapting 645 lenses, which was not a priority just a whim. Quite possibly others haven’t had these problems with their camera bodies. Time rolls on, the FF mirrorless field has bloomed, and now the FF option certainly looks inviting. The thread about which FF body was best in 2021 for adapted lenses was very informative and helpful in deciding which system to pursue.

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