MINI CHALLENGE #628 - Food - the more delicious the better!!!

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abiquiuense Veteran Member • Posts: 7,303
The works starts here, just add . . . (Exhibit only, don't touch)

. . . well, add anything.  Maybe some butter fried purslane, steamed onions, bits of bacon, just like my mom used to make for all eight of us.  Happy Mother's Day.

Oh, add guacamole also, just make sure it ain't black.  Oh, did I say, syrupy honey in the middle.  Side dishes may include enchiladas, red chili, two over-easy on top.

Oh, you may use choice morsels of it with which to spoon up beans, Spanish rice.

"Pass the honey, Honey!"

Did I forget?  How silly of me; just add weiners burnt on the stove burner.  Beware, do not use your favorite silver; I won't appreciate that.  Oh, what the heck, FEEL THE BURN.

Don't forget something for dessert, add, . . .

. . . it on top.

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